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  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2014/9/17

GymnasiumThe gymnasium of the Beitou Resort provides a spacious and luminous high-quality exercising environment that has maple flooring and full-length mirrors. Besides comfortable air-conditioning and hi-fi systems, luxurious LCD TV set are provided for members to watch during their work out. Exercise equipment includes computerized jogging machine, computerized rowing machine, commercial stepping machine, computerized exercycle (vertical/back-rest type), cardiopulmonary cross trainer, weight training equipment, extending machine, adjustable inclined abdominal muscle training bench, 45-degree back stretcher rack, high-tension pulley machine, chest press, hip trainer, prone hip abductor, leg extension machine, seated thigh press, multi-function cross trainer machine, seated row machine, abdominal curl machine, back stretch machine, military press, seated butterfly trainer, etc. everything you need we have.

Opening Hours:Weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) 15:00~22:00; Weekends and Summer/Winter Vacations 09:00~22:00
Capacity:40 people
Charge:NT$ 60 (regular ticket)
Remarks:Charged by the hour. Fraction of an hour is counted as one hour.
Note:Ages 15 and above only; A daily ticket is only good for the specific date, for unlimited hours using the gym. When using the gym, please wear sneakers or rubber shoes; leather shoes, spike shoes and any other shoes that may damage the floor are strictly forbidden.

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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation