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Disaster Prevention Knowledge

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2014/9/22

Things to Know about MRT Safety
Things to Know about MRT Safety
Young Heroes
Young Heroes
Things you must know about the MRT for ensuring a safe ride. Four brave visitors will be selected for the role of firemen. Once entering the fire site, you will hold a safety net in one hand to transfer the wounded passenger to a safe place and hold a fire extinguisher in the other hand to put out the fire; you will be drilled for coordinating your left and right brain to save every valuable life.
Fire Safety Education
Fire Safety Education
Time Corridor
Time Corridor
Super large AV screen combining with actual fire extinguishers for you to experience a fire in person and to learn how to extinguish a fire correctly. In a corridor leading outdoors, exceptional MRT buildings in the world are displayed one by one, offering a spectacular viewing feast.

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  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation