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Evacuation Experience

  • Source:Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Date:2014/9/22

Emergency Exits in Tunnels
Emergency Exits in Tunnels
Emergency Exits in MRT Rolling Stock
Emergency Exits in MRT Rolling Stock
What should you do if an EMU breaks down in the middle of the way? In this area, you will experience how to evacuate through the emergency exit in the driver cockpit, you will also see the track in details. Here you will be allowed to touch all the DO NOT TOUCH objects in a normal station and MRT train, including emergency inter-com, Emergency-Stop Button, On-board Emergency Phone, etc.; you will also witness the function of the very first invention of Platform/Track Trespass Alarm System.
Smoke Safety Room
Smoke Safety Room
Emergency Exits at MRT Stations
Emergency Exits at MRT Stations
You are given practice in how to survive and escape from a dark maze of fire and dense smoke. The exciting Smoke Safety Room awaits your challenge. You will succeed to escape from a station on fire as long as you follow all the instructions and keep yourself as low as possible while escaping.

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  • Updated: 2014/9/22 12:12
  • Reviewed: 2014/9/22 12:12

  • Source: Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation